Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Timing is Everything!

Just yesterday, I got a postcard from an organization I just love doing business with. They raise funds by selling paintings done by art students. Some are reproductions of older and more famous paintings, and some are original.

The best part about some of these reproductions is that they are in the style of the student rather than the original artist. Some may think this is a drawback, but I like to see fresh interpretations of classic art. It tells me that the artists of today are indeed bold and not afraid to put their own spin on the paintings.

I have purchased many of these, but I never knew when I could buy them.

You see, there is no “shop” to purchase them at. They typically set up shop in front of one of the local Sam’s Clubs and sell the paintings for 3 days or so. At one point, my wife and I were so desperate to buy these paintings that we started “staking out” Sam’s in order to find them.

But last time we went there, we were delighted to know they had a mailing list and eagerly signed up for it.

Which brings me to the postcard I received yesterday. It stated:

“We will be at Sam’s Club from September 22-23-24!”

The problem?

I got the postcard on the 25th.

It’s really s shame because I was all ready to go out and spend more money. But this should be a lesson for all aspiring marketers.

Timing is everything. When you have a time-specific campaign, make sure your mail gets to your prospect on time.

To your continued success,

Carlon Haas


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