Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Real Purpose of Your Web Site

I had a talk with a client the other day, and I asked the same question I usually ask when consulting about a web marketing strategy:

“What is the purpose for your web site?”

Believe it or not, I am usually met with blank stares (if asking in person) or silence (when asking over the phone).  

The answer I am looking for is usually something like: to generate leads, to sell a product, etc.  

A web site should have one purpose and one purpose only.  But after reading every post in this blog, this client of mine came up with an answer that completely hit the nail on the head.  

But let me get to her answer in a moment.  

First, let me tell you what she was doing.  

She was very exicted to be re-vamping her membership web site.  She had hired a graphic artist and was excited about coming up with newer and better ways to “personalize” the site.  She had gotten herself in a heightened state of excitement.   In her excitement, she sought my advice on what to do for the layout in terms of marketing.  

We talked a little about it. And then, I got an e-mail from her in which she told me that after reading every post in my blog, she had (what I would call) an “ah-ha” moment.  

It dawned on her that the purpose of her site was to MAKE MONEY!  

And there you have it, folks.  I don’t care what kind of web site you have.  Whether it’s a subscription site, a one-page sales letter, a mostly informative site that touts your business or expertise, or whatever, remember the focus of your site is to MAKE YOU MONEY.

I know some of you might be thinking, “But, Carlon, my site is there to give me credibility and show my expert knowledge.  I don't make money from tha-at."  

And I would answer that like this:

Even a mostly informative web site, as long as it's not a personal or family web site, it should have the purpose of bringing you clients.  And having clients=making money.  

I know a lot of people who spend a lot of money on web site design, but I’ll tell you one thing…

…don’t waste your money on fancy design unless it will bring you money!  

Think about it.  I’ll give you an example.  I have more than one web site for my different businesses.  The one I spent the most developing is geared to corporate clients who expect a certain level of professionalism in a web site (in other words, it needs to look more like one of their sites). But another one of my web sites is nothing but a one page sales letter geared to a very non-corporate target.  

Both are effective for bringing me clients.  

So, remember the real purpose for your web site.  It is there for you to MAKE MONEY.  Don’t get too wrapped up in the look of the site.  The look of your site is all about the marketing of your site.  

Never forget the real purpose of your web site, and you will find that your site will work harder for you to make you more money.  

To your continued success,

Carlon Haas


remedysp said...

Thank you Carlon!

Silas Parker
New York Life

Carlon Haas said...

You're welcome, Silas. Hope the blog helps you.