Friday, January 20, 2006

3 Things To Look For In A Marketing Consultant

I’d like to welcome everyone to my blog. It’s long overdue. I’d like to send a personal thanks to Thom Singer who allowed me to guest blog for him, and in doing no inspired me to start my own blog.

So, where do I start...

…let’s look at the marketing consultant.

Those of you who do know me know that I am a marketing consultant and copywriter. So, I'd like to let give business owners a couple of things to look for if they are hiring a marketing consultant. These are off the top of my head.

1. Make sure the marketing consultant has a similar marketing philosophy with you.

People who have worked with me before know that I am an unabashed believer in results-oriented direct/direct-response marketing. So, if a business owner was looking for some advice on a branding campaign, he would definitely NOT want to hire me. This is especially the case if I write copy for someone.

2. Ask for results…but listen intently if they have had failures.

If a consultant devised a strategy that worked in the past, that’s great. But the truth is that any marketing campaign can fall flat on its face—even if it’s worked before. All the great marketers have had duds. But they never make excuses. Any marketing consultant should be able to tell you exactly why the campaign failed.

3. See if the marketing consultant does more than just consult.

A marketing consultant can often do many things--from training employees to writing copy for your advertising. See what other services the marketing consultant might offer.

Those are just a few things…if any of you think of more, feel free to post.

Look for me on Monday when I’ll talk about the businessman I admire most (you’ll be shocked at who it is...he's quite famous, but his business accomplishments were overshadowed by his other talents)…

Go forth and multiply thy income,

Carlon Haas


Thom Singer said...


Good first post. I look forward to reading your blog regularly.

Have fun!!


Steve Harper said...

Great Blog Carlon.

Carlon Haas said...

Thanks, Thom and Steve.