Thursday, March 22, 2007

Want to "Make Money Online?"...Read This first

I'd like to first thank all of you who commented on the post about my wife. It seems to have brought a bunch of you out and only confirms my theory that putting up pictures of women on my blog appeals to my male audience :-)

Here's another post from my new blog (the new blog deals with marketing on social media or Web 2.0). but I did import this blog to it so that people who don't know this blog could get the information without having to subscribe to 2 blog.

anyway..on with the show..

Im in DC for Yanik silvers Underground Online Seminar III.

This is one cool event. Ive heard about it for years, but this is the first time Ive been able to attend. Im hoping to learn cutting-edge internet marketing and internet business tactics.

I stress business here because a lot of people who have e-mailed me think that I want to teach them how to make money on the internet. But thats not what I do.

I want to teach people how to grow a business online. When I talk about marketing on Web 2.0, it is a way of doing business that stresses the person behind the company rather than the company itself.

People buy form people they like and trust. And the internet has made it much easier to get to know and trust others. Just go to my MySpace page, and youll learn all about me. Or look at my bookmarks to see what interests me. Soon, Ill be uploading videos to YouTube (I knowsome of you are e-mailing me about my lack of videosbut in all fairness, Ive had some technical issues on the videos which I will fix next weekbut wait I have a great video of my daughter singing Frosty the snowmanpriceless).

Yes, I could be lying on all those pages. But then again the internet doesnt let you hide very well. So, I dont recommend it. But the point is all internet tactics should be about growing a business whether its all online or an offline business you are promoting online.

AnywayIll post about these issues individually. But take this nugget from todays post:

You are in business first and online second. By using social media (Web 2.0) to connect with others individually, your chances of marketing that business successfully will go up. And when your business is successful, then and only then will you make money on the internet.

To Your Success,

Carlon Haas

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