Wednesday, March 08, 2006

More Pitfalls of Not Following Up

Yesterday, I talked about networking and the lack of follow up.


…it looks like I am just getting started.  Because…

….I am shocked and amazed by the lack of follow-up I receive.

Just recently, I’ve met 3 different people in the web design business.  I gave these 3 people my card and expressed my interest in re-doing my web site due to new services (other than copywriting) that I will be offering.  

I even sent out follow-up e-mails to them the next day

The response?  

Nada, zilch, zip.  

Honestly, I’m stunned.  And, naturally, I will not be giving my business to any of these people.  I'm sure they've got their excuses), but just like I make no excuses I accept no excuses.  

The sad thing is that I’m always on the look-out for web designers.  As a copywriter (especially one who writes a fair amount of online copy), I get clients who also need their sites re-done.  

Now, guess what?  They not only lose my business, but any future business I could have brought them.  

Here’s the deal, people:  FOLLOW UP.  Even if it’s a brief e-mail to say that you are swamped and will get back to your prospective client later (and then do get back with them when you say you will).  

And here’s a story to illustrate this: I am about to embark on a pretty big project, and I scouted out web designers for it.  One guy quoted me a price which was 6x higher than other people.  

But he’s the one who will get my business.  

The reason?

He bothered to follow up with me when no one else did.  

To Your Success,

Carlon Haas


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Steve Harper said...

Yes...and ditch the cards of the 3 who didn't follow up. Poor follow up tends to be how they will conduct themselves in business. Too many other good options to waste your time on people that don't want your money.