Thursday, March 23, 2006

Nuke Your Comfort Zone...Another Lesson From Kid Rock

First of all, I’m sorry to all of my blog readers about my lack of posting.  Many interesting things are happening around me that you will all find out more as they come to fruition.  

But for today, I thought I’d go ahead give you one more thing I learned from Kid Rock (I’m telling you…watch Behind the Music on VH-1, it’s a marketing treasure trove).  

One big lesson I learned from Kid Rock is...

…never be afraid to take chances and venture into new areas outside your comfort zone.  

Consider Kid Rock for a second.  He started as a straight hip-hop icon and morphed himself into a country singer and rock star.  

I mean what happened to all those other rap/rock bands that came out at the same time as Kid Rock?  

Kid Rock has staying power because he went outside his comfort zone, and it paid off BIG TIME for him.  

Truth be told, if someone would just pay me big money to sit at home and write my opinions I wouldn’t be happier.  But the truth is I have to go out there to get clients.  

Sometimes, we have to go outside our comfort zones.  

I, myself, am now in the process of doing something that will leverage my 10+ of international work experience, specifically working in South Korea, working for Korean companies, and working with Koreans.  It is outside my comfort zone, but it could be a big opportunity.  (I’ll keep all of you posted on how it goes).

Personally, I’m going to take the Kid Rock approach.   It will require me to go way outside my comfort zone, but what the hell...

…comfort zones are for wimps and excuse-makers.  

To Your Continued Success,

Carlon Haas

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Steve Harper said...

Plus he sung with Sheryl Crow, dated Pamela Anderson and now has his own Paris Hilton Like video. Talk about cross promotion!