Thursday, February 16, 2006

Carlon Speaks...Intuit Responds!

Yesterday, I talked about being able to back up your facts in your ads. I used the case involving Intuit and H&R Block as an example.


...yesterday I got an email from someone from Intuit who wanted me to have a look at their press release involving the case. Being the fair person that I am, I am posting that link for all of you to look at:

The point the person from Intuit was making is that the case is not as straightforward as I made it out to be.

And you can feel free to read the press release and make up your own mind.

Intuit might be right—it might not be as straightforward as I claimed…

…but, here are the results:

In order to air the ad as intended, Intuit needs H&R Block to provide the facts to prove their case because they need Block to provide the numbers. But at the same time they don’t think that Block is being honest about its numbers (imagine that!). And they cannot run the ad (with the claim) until an injunction is lifted on April 30th—the end of tax season!

The teeth of their campaign have been knocked out the only time it counts—the run-up to tax time.

Intuit and H&R block are big companies, so I’m sure the court case will continue. And, it looks like Intuit will do just fine regardless.

But most businesses cannot afford to go into lengthy court battles against the large companies with deep pockets.

So, my original point stands…

…if you make claims in your ads, make sure that you can back them up 100%.

To Your Success,

Carlon Haas

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