Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Copywriter Is Not A Copyrighter

Last week, a business acquaintance of my wife called needing some advice from me. You see, my wife told her I was a copywriter, and so the acquaintance thought I could help her.

The woman needed advice badly…

…advice on…


The truth is I get this all the time. The joy of having a job that is a homophone of a more commonly-used word!

So, I’ll break it down. A copywriter is someone who writes copy. Copy in this case is words used in advertising. A good copywriter can skyrocket the response rate of a poorly-written ad. Most copywriters understand the psychology of prospects when they read an ad and know how to write to those psychological hot buttons.

That is what I do in addition to being a marketing consultant. I have always been a writer, but actually being able to sell a product with that writing skill is something to behold. I can’t say that every ad I have ever written has been a smash.

But most of my clients get results...and results is the bottom line in advertising and marketing (or at least it should be).

A copyrighter, on the other hand, just grants copyrights. They won't make you money, but they can help protect your intellectual property.

I cannot help anyone copyright anything. But I was able to help my wife's business acquaintance. Since I am an author and worked for an international publishing company for 6 years, I learned quite a bit about copyright law.

So, I was able to point her in the right direction. But for future reference…

...if anyone needs to get results from their advertising…contact me.

If you need advice on copyrights…a copyright attorney might be a better option.

To Your Success,

Carlon Haas

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